Slow Down

by Kyle Church

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How blessed we are to be in, this moment that we’re in. In all eternity, right now has never been. With every breath, we enter into a holy mystery; and maybe in this moment now, is all we’ll ever need.
Tomorrow 04:09
I’m so caught up, enraptured in the future tense. My mind’s made up, I wasn't made for this heaviness, I was made for simple things, like love, and joy, and peace. Look at the birds, they’re singing like they believe they’re not alone, they’ve joined in with the symphony, singing, “we are God’s beloved, we are God’s beloved.” / Tomorrow, don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about the little things. Leave your worries all behind. God knows, today we are living free cause love changes everything, and He knows our every need / Tomorrow, don’t worry about tomorrow, don't worry about tomorrow. / Do you hear them now, all the rumours floating through the air, try to drown them out, hear a whisper breaking through the fear, singing, “you are my beloved, you are my beloved.” / Chorus / Are you not more precious than the sparrow? Are you not more valued than the lily? All the anxious toilings of tomorrow, will not steal the simple joy, will not steal the simple joy, will not steal the simple joy of being alive today.
You and I, we're just hapless dreamers, full of love, we're full of God. Against the odds we are still believers, wrestling with all our doubts. Somewhere along the way, we grow tired of just the same old things. Cause we know there’s more to grace, than just staying in the same old place. / We could sail across the sea, into that deep blue mystery, into oceans of uncertainty. Where the ocean meets the sky, past the far horizon line, go sailing out, just you and I, you and I. / We set our sails for that great adventure, we pushed our way out from the docks. We said goodbye to our next door neighbours, in this odyssey of letting go / Pre-chorus / Chorus / and I know the odds are stacked, but there’s no going back, there's no going back, cause I was made for more, than working eight to four, working eight to four, I know that I was made for more. / Chorus
Slow Down 04:15
Every man who’s lived a day, knows that things are prone to change. The weatherman knows it well, sometimes you can never tell. But there are things that will never change; between birth, taxes and your final day. The night is long, but it will not stay, the sun will come. / The sun will come, come again. The sun will come, come again. / When the light leaves our eyes, and the night covers up the skies. Some will run, some will hide, and some will find sweet rest tonight. But when that dark night comes for you, and you don’t quite know just what to do, remember these words, tried and true, “the sun will come.” / Chorus / Waiting for morning light, to come break through this winter night. Waiting for the sun to rise, and wake our dormant earth to life. Light will drive the dark away, sorrows will cease, and joy will stay. So I look to the east, watch and pray, the sun will come. / Chorus
Good Life 03:37
Driving through the mountains, rolling down my window, feel the warmth upon my skin. Summer’s golden hour, met by midnight showers, we dance under the evergreens. / It’s a good life, it’s a good life / See the morning glory, with coffee that your pour me; endless reasons to believe. We are here on purpose, and underneath the surface, we’re apart of a bigger story / Chorus / Isn’t living lovely? Knowing that you love me, your goodness always follows me. In this divine communion between God and humans, we walk back where the garden grows. / Chorus / Driving through the mountains, rolling down my windows, feel the warmth upon my skin.
Going Home 03:29
There’s no way of knowing, when I’ll get to where I’m going. One day I’ll arrive just like the rising sun. In the night I question, if I’m headed the right direction. Point me true north, and I’ll find my way back home. / To that land on the other side of the line, beyond the reach of the hands of time… / We’re going home, oooh woah oooh / Golden fields remind me of the heritage behind me; every plot of land, is a story of a faithfulness. I see the river running, as sign of what is coming, when all the streams will follow as one mighty river again / Chorus
Rollin' On 02:57
I woke up this morning and something felt different. Like we're at the beginning yet somehow the end. I looked out my window, the leaves they were changing, from colours of green to yellows and red, from colours of green to yellows and red. / I walked to my car, the windshield was covered with precipitation, there's frost in the night. The first time it comes to me just like a warning, the rumours are true, old man winters alive, the rumours are true, old man winters alive. / When the seasons change, we try to hold onto, all that we've known. This familiar ground on which our lives have grown, oh, how we've grown. But time rolls on, time keeps rolling on. / Autumn it feels so familiar and foreign, I can hardly believe it's upon us now. Pumpkin patches all speckled with orange, we harvest the fields 'til the sun goes down. / Chorus / Rollin' on, ooooh, rollin' on, ooooh, oh it keeps rollin' on, ooooh, yeah yeah, rollin’ on. Oh, in time we'll find that we'll be alright. / Well I'm trying my best to keep count in my head with The Great Conductor keeping the time. Like the hands on the clock, He is faithful and steady, like a metronome setting the rhythms of life, like a metronome setting the rhythms of life.
I cannot escape your spirit, you’re everywhere I try to hide. I can’t run away from Your presence, You hem me in on every side. Your love will find me, Your love will always find me. / I could fly to the highest heaven, but I would find You even there. I could make my bed in Sheol, to try and prove You’re not everywhere, but Your love will find me, Your love will always find me. / Oh, nothing is hidden from Your eyes, nothing is hidden from Your sight, O Lord. Even the darkness, even the darkness, is light to You. / and if I take the wings of the morning, to the far side of the sea, even there Your hand shall lead me, and Your right hand shall hold me. Your love will find me, Your love will always find me.


released January 18, 2019

All songs written by Kyle Church
Produced by Jay Stewart
Engineered and mixed by Alexis Norio
Mastered by Brock McFarlane
Recorded at Stir Studio - Medicine Hat, AB

Electric guitar, mandolin, banjo performed by Matt Froese
Drums and percussion performed and recorded by Mason Self
Cello performed and recorded by Brian Chan
Bass guitar and keys performed by Alexis Norio
Background vocals sung by Kate Cook
Gang vocals performed by my friends,
Brian Schlenker, Wade Hodgman, Kate Cook and Gabrielle Thomson

Album photos by Kristy Pomrenke
CD layout and design by Kyle Hodgman


all rights reserved



Kyle Church Medicine Hat, Alberta

Kyle Church is a singer-songwriter from Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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